Golf Clash Guide – 13 tips and tricks to become a better player

Golf Clash – a unique multiplayer simulation game Golf from the Playdemic. Available on iOS and Android platforms, this game allows you to play against Golf enthusiasts from around the world. However, unlike most games of Golf, it does not have boring moments, full angles and wind direction. It has a fast fire control system that requires only pulling and releasing. This makes the game much more dynamic and easy to learn. But mastering is another matter. Although you do not need to worry too much about the goal, you should be very good at timing. Fifteen minutes late, when you released the ball, and you can easily get a terrible blow in the end. Reading our first Golf Clash Guide, we returned with additional tips and tricks for the game. If you want fast results, jus check theĀ golf clash cheats tool. The good news is that you can count on our ultimate strategy leader Golf Clash to teach you everything you need to know!


1. Timing is all


As mentioned earlier, the development of game control is associated with the timing. If you want to succeed in this game, you must first find out when to release the ball. Getting the ball off the ground is easy enough. You just need to pull the ball back until it reaches the blue circle. Make sure everything is completely aligned. You see a small target in the middle of the screen with a needle back and forth. The needle should be in the center of the bull’s eye to make a perfect shot. It takes a little time, because you will need to release the ball a little before the needle hits the center, so it’s perfectly aligned. It takes a lot of practice, but once you do, the rest will be much easier.


2. Move the target


The game automatically puts the target on the right course. This does not mean that you should stick to this. There are times when the best position is possible. Always check the course to see if you have the best possible position for the finish. Do not hesitate to move it on your own. To determine the best goal requires little experience. Experiment a little until you understand each course better.

As a rule, you should always strive towards the fairway. If you are heading to an area that is too close to the sand, and you are not sure that you will get to the ball perfectly, it’s best to navigate in a safe place. It may take longer, but it’s better than getting stuck in the wrong place. Remember, you are playing against other players. You can not afford too many risks if you want to win your games.


3. Study


Once your ball is close enough to the hole, the game controls will change slightly. You have to hit to get the ball in the hole. Like an ordinary shot, you must return the ball back to start the shot. You will notice that the porthole has disappeared. Instead, there will be a bright path that will show how your ball will go after releasing. There is also another needle that needs to be aligned with the path. Adjust the trajectory to fit in the hole, and wait until the needle is leveled until the ball is released. Make sure that you do not use too much force or the ball falls through the hole.

The game will tell you when your shot overpowers, so you just need to be careful. You will see the flag of the hole if you use the right amount of energy for your impact. The hole will also turn bluish if you have the perfect shot. Play with the strength of your shot and watch the game closely to master it.


4. Upgrade your equipment


Each of your clubs has its own attributes. These attributes are Power, Accuracy, Top Spin, Back Spin, Curl and Ball Guide. You can improve your clubs to improve them. Needless to say, improved clubs help make your games much easier. Priority to update your driver and stick. Money will be hard to find at the beginning of the game, so it’s better to spend most of what you have in the clubs that you often use. Do not forget to equip your shiny new rackets, as they will not be used automatically after their purchase.

The game also allows you to use different balls. Despite the fact that the balls can only be used once, before they are reset to their default values, they have unique abilities, such as a side pin and resistance to wind. They can help you win the game if it is used at the right time. Keep these balls until you need them, if you have little left.


5. Know your clubs


As mentioned earlier, it is important to invest in upgrades if you want to go far into this game. Nevertheless, there are many different clubs. It is difficult to decide which club will cost in the long term. You can increase all clubs to the maximum level, but this is a waste of money. Since you initially have limited resources, make sure that you spend only those who will use them before later tournaments. Below are the best clubs for each category.

Driver – The ApocalypseWood – The KataklysmusLong Iron – The B52Short Iron – The HornetWedge – The EndBringerRough Iron – NirvanaSand Wedge – Spitfire

If you choose a driver, invest only in Extra Mile, Apocalypse or Thors Hammer. All other driver clubs should not try to update, because you will not use them, if at all. Only Guardian, Sniper and Cataclysm must be updated for your wooden clubs. And last but not least: make sure that you use only nirvana for rough iron clubs. Of course, update your other clubs if you do not have alternative options. Just do not spend too much on it.


6. Get free chests


The chest can help you in this game. The good news is that you can choose some of them for free. First, make sure you have linked your Facebook account to the game. Not only can you play against your friends on Facebook, you also get a free platinum breast! Also, do not forget that you will be rewarded with one breast for every eight successful strokes. They will still be a lot, so this is an excellent bonus for easy gameplay. After all, you get a free breast every four hours. Just go back to the game if you have a chance to find out if a free chest is available for you to approve.


7. Open these chests


Unlocking the chests in the game takes some time, so make sure you open them as soon as possible. They have different timers to open, so be strategic if you do. If you are a lot on the network, it is important to open the chests with short timers. If you’re offline for a few hours, it’s better to put chests with longer timers.

Chests contain tickets for certain rackets or balls. Track the tickets you have and use them to update your clubs as soon as possible. Of course, you still have to give high priority to your updates as costs increase over time. You can not afford to upgrade all your clubs at once. Improving your league rating increases the chances of getting more cards out of the chest. Just keep on playing and you will gradually be able to climb the stairs. If you have the best equipment, you can increase your rank.


8. Achieve the goal


Another great way to earn rewards in this game is to strive for success. It’s basically what you’ll do when you play, but it’s a good idea to check which ones are nearing completion. Achievements reward you with gems that are the premium currency of the game. Needless to say, these gems are useful for many things in the game, so try to get as much as possible.


9. Participate in tours


Participation in tours is an important part of the game, as this will be your main source of finance. Unfortunately there is a registration fee for these tours. So make sure you have enough left over after all your updates. If you win the tour, you will be rewarded with a lot of coins. Just make sure you choose which tour you want to join. Since you shell out money for the registration, you do not want to spend it, join the tour, you have no chance to win.

Try to participate in the first two rounds if you are still starting. They are pretty easy to win, even with basic equipment. There is always enough money to play two or three rounds so you do not get stuck if you end up losing. Also try to take part in the seasonal tours that take place during the holidays. They usually offer the best rewards. Use it and win as much as you can.


10. Earn many trophies.


Trophies are needed if you want to have many chests in the game. You can earn them by participating in tours. Each round has the maximum number of trophies that can be won. Once you’ve made the most of a specific tour, you will not be able to get trophies no matter how many times you play it. Still, you can still earn coins. So, if you only need a few simple coin winnings, you can play the rounds as low as you like. For the maximum number of trophies you can receive in each round, they are listed below.

Beginner Tour – maximum of 20 trophies Best Coast – 50 trophies maksimumAziya Pacific – 100 trophies maksimum6-star hotel – 200 trophies, the global link – 300 maximum trophies. Champions – maximum 500 trophies


Watch many commercials for free parts


It can be boring to stand still and watch ads over and over, but when you start again, any extra coin can help you. Watch out for ads when you can trade for a few free coins. It takes a bit of patience, because the reward is not very big, but in the end it adds. This is especially useful if you are a little short for your upgrades. The ads are not really long. So take a break and let the ad play itself.


Prepare for different scenarios


While you need to focus on upgrading clubs, you should not focus on one attribute. You will encounter different courses and scenarios during the game. You have to be prepared for anything that gets started. A good balance between different attributes is a good idea. That way, you will not lose your misery just because you only have to use one club.


Consider spin and slice


Ideally, all shots would be perfect and there is nothing to fear. However, this will rarely happen. There are many different factors that can affect your ability to get a perfect shot. If you can not find the center of this bull’s eye, make sure you set it accordingly. Watch the behavior of the ball and adjust your lens so that you can always get close to the hole, even if you miss the perfect shot.

Golf can be an exciting and competitive game if you know how to play. Just remember everything you learned from this Strategy Guide Golf Clash or simply use Golf Clash Hack and you’ll win all games!