Golf Clash Tips & Tricks: Comprehensive guide

Get pairs with the competition with these quick tips Golf Clash!


Golf Clash – Simulator 1 v. 1 Golf for Android and iPhone. This is a fairly simple game, but a difficult game to master. Here’s all you need to know to get a hole in one and outrun your competition!

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Learn the basics!


Driving the ball in Golf Clash is quite simple. Just pull the ball until your finger is aligned in the center of the circle below. After this, arrange the arrow with the apple and release it. This will provide the balls Golf in the direction of the guide line. However, there are several tricks to control the ball for the best distance and position.


In addition to the textbook


Using official browsing is in your best interest one feature not shown in the textbook, which is really very important for your success, is a service representation.

While in the top view, you can drag the target in the direction in which you want the ball to come. It automatically points at the point of the shortest between you and the hole, but it does not always transform into a better place to aim for wind, curved shots, or other variables (especially in difficulty).


By moving the target to the top view, you can make sure that the ball moves exactly where you want to go, and also understand where it will go after the rebound. Do not forget to use it when you approach the green, because in many nearby games it can make a distinction between a draw and a mistake.


Go beyond the “circle”


Not all situations require a “perfect recording,” as the speakers like to call them. In fact, it can sometimes be beneficial to go beyond perfection, especially before you have access to the best clubs.

The basic skill you need to learn is a littered excess. To do this, pull the ball over the target circle. The screen starts to vibrate and the target arrow starts to move wildly. This will make it much harder to navigate as the needle will not move much faster than usual, but if you do it right then the ball will go further than usual. This is especially useful when moving from the tee box (first hit) as it closes the course much faster than a normal hit with less risk than using the shot excellence later in the match.

The curves of the shots are similarly made by dragging the ball to the left or right of the circle. The further you move to the left or right, the more you have the ball in the opposite direction. This, in turn, causes the needle to move much faster, so be careful not to be too far from the truth, or you risk running the ball completely out of the course, and possibly from abroad.


Become a master of the spin


Clicking on the ball icon in the upper right corner (or on the left if you are a player 1) gives you the ability to change your ball and the direction of rotation. The more topspin you have, the further forward it will jump back and forth and vice versa. As with the side pin, the ball moves in the direction you direct it.

Check the abilities of your various Golf balls during the game. That way, you can pinpoint what you need to do to get the ball to where you want it. All directions of the back will be as you need practice to get used to, but once you have learned how to do it right you will have many more advantages over your opponent.

Remember that not all Golf clubs are the same. Your maximum spin depends heavily on your club.




From time to time we all meet a rough or a bunker. This is inevitable if you are not very careful with every stroke. If you are stuck in these areas, use super-strong shots in your favor. Even in these cases, TopSpin can help a lot, because there is only a very small risk that you will end – if you could not get the ball out of the game.


The time spent on …


A terrible verbal game aside, investing as much time as possible in your patches is very important if you want to win. If you are the only one on the green, this can ensure your victory. If you are behind your opponent, it will be the difference between a tie, victory or loss.

When aiming the stick, be sure to observe both the line of movement of the ball and the moving arrow. You want to align the end of the line with the hole so that the column rises and the hole glows. After you are lined up, release the ball as soon as the move arrow is directly above the hollowed marker. This ensures that the ball goes exactly where you planned it, and that your victory is guaranteed.


And here it is!


In contrast to the practice of wind direction and speed (ie, the struggle or fighting against the wind), there is not much to learn about it. Do not forget to practice enough with every step so that you do not spend too much. Take a picture, as this will result in a timeout and loss. Remember, it’s better to throw it than not to shoot at all!


Another 4 tips for mastering the courses in Golf Clash


As someone relatively new to mobile games, lately I’ve been testing a bunch of mobile titles. And one of the most exciting was Golf Clash.

Golf Clash is a game Golf on iOS and Android that puts you into a fight 1: 1 to see who has the best time and accuracy on the Golf course. When you play the game, collect trophies, buy chests with upgrades and create new thugs and Golf goals, each with its own special functions.

To build a set of tips for Golf Clash, let’s take a look at 4 other ways to improve your game and gain a competitive advantage.


  1. Update these clubs


If you receive chests – either from winnings or from free chests that are issued regularly, you can start opening new clubs. Go to these new clubs as quickly as you can! Even the most basic club is better than the clubs you start with. In the end, if you continue to win, you will get more club cards, which will allow you to improve the characteristics of the club and make them even better.

Well, do not update every club that you have, because it costs coins and costs increase with each upgrade level. The rackets on which you must concentrate are your driver and putter, since you will almost always use them.


  1. Earn these trophies


In addition to showing other players that you are Golf Clash teasers, trophies are important for obtaining chests. Each of the Golf rounds has the maximum number of trophies that can be won in this special round. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Round 1 – Beginner – 20 trophies maximum
  • Tour 2 – West Coast – 50 trophies maximum
  • Tour 3 – Asia-Pacific region – 100 trophies maximum
  • Tour 4 – 6-star hotel – 200 trophies maximum
  • Tour 5 – World Links – 300 trophies maximum
  • Tour 6 – US Champions – 500 trophies maximum

You can get less trophies if you play at a lower level, but on these tours you can still earn coins, which is useful if you have less money.


  1. Stay with the boxes (and grab free gifts)


It is important to keep up with the opening of the chests, because the chests contain coins, precious stones, clubs and improved balls. There are several ways to get chests and various chests.


The main boxes are wooden, silver, gold and platinum chests. You can get these basic lists by getting ratings and winning matches. You can also get a free platinum chest to link your Golf Clash to your Facebook account.

There is also a king and a chest. The King’s box is available only when purchased through the application, but offers at least 5 epic cards and 24 rare cards (61 cards in total). Pin Breast is a special breast that you get after 8 successful strokes.

Make sure that you unlock the chests as quickly as you can to avoid reinforcement and the creation of any chests. Silver chests are the most common and take 4 hours to unlock – or 20 precious stones when you are ready to spend some money.


  1. Watch your coins


It makes money all over the world, and this is no exception at Golf Clash. Every time you enter the game, there is an entrance fee. It also costs money to improve these clubs. How can you allow cash flows? Well, the obvious answer is to win your matches, but there are other ways to make this purse grow, golf clash cheats could be your number one.

Another reason to keep up with the chest is that they will earn you coins every time you open them. You can also view some ads to win a few coins. And, finally, if you do not mind spending real money on some kind of virtual entertainment, you can buy a few coins in the application market.


Golf Clash Manual: Best Clubs, Stats and Strategy Update

Fight to find the best clubs Golf Clash or you do not know what to do when it comes to improving clubs? Read the tips and best practices in this guide for the best update strategies.

Are you trying to find the best clubs in Golf Clash or do not you know what to do when it comes to improving clubs? Read the tips and best practices in this guide for the best update strategies.

At first the table can get a little confused, so we’ll talk about what you see. The most important column is the last,% Perfect Weighted. This column indicates the highest and lowest possible score for each club start category, and then calculates the percentage of how perfect this club is. For example, if the maximum capacity of the club is 240, then this value is 100% excellent. If the lowest force is 190, then 0% is ideal. At 215 Power will be 50% perfect.

Average scores for each category of statistics give only% of the ideal result for each club. Nevertheless, the statistics of the club are weighed in accordance with the type of club chosen. For example, power is the most important factor for drivers. Therefore, Power has 75% weight for% Total Perfect for drivers.


The TL; DR


On each side of the table are shown the clubs with the best statistics (weighted and total) in descending order. 100% of the perfect club have the highest scores in each category.


The best club of any type in Golf Clash


With this table, we can easily determine what a “best” club is for each type. The best here is subjective (of course), because the club can have a very low value for the statistics you are looking for. In other statistics, however, this can be much higher than in the rest of the field (which gives it a higher% Perfect brings) weighted rating).

If this is the only information that interests you, you do not need to look at a complex table.

These are the clubs for which you want to save your resources. Remember your experience during the game Golf Clash. Do you plan to play the game in the long run and the farm for the best clubs? If so, you will probably want to spend your precious stones in the aforementioned clubs.

If you are a casual player, you can see the difference in% Perfect Weighted in our table. For example, if you really want a good long iron, but can not get your hands on the B52 and the already tsunami of the difference between the level of 7 B52 and the tsunami is an ideal% weighted only 0.4%. Just enter these levels in your tsunami.

However, you should pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each club. For example, the Amazon, the second highest rating of Rough Iron in terms of% Ideal weighted, but its ball guide statistics are very poor only 2.5.

Nevertheless, the Curl, Back Spin and Top Spin of this club are much higher than the level of Nirvana 8, which is the best of Rough Iron. Ball Guide is usually an extremely important statistic for Rough Irons. That’s why calling the best club is a bit subjective. You really need to read the statistics.


Golf Clash Club Modernization Strategy


Many players make mistakes, throwing all their coins in the upgrade of the club to the maximum level, so that the awards cease to pay attention to them and move to other clubs. From my personal experience and everything I’ve read about Reddit and forums, do not do it.

There are several clubs for each type of club that are good – but the rest you will never use. Thanks to the spreadsheet in this manual, it is very easy to determine who is who.

For the pilots, upgrading anything, except for Extra Mile, Apocalypse or Thor’s Hammer, is not optimal. For wooden clubs, you want to focus only on Guardian, Sniper and Cataclysm. Nirvana is the only rough iron that you will use outside of tour 7. At about the same time, you will earn 300,000 coins per game, and upgrading your clubs will not be so tedious.

However, you can not go to Tour 7 Golf Clash without updating the clubs. You will need to improve what you can play in the matches, until you find yourself in one of the elite clubs. Do not overdo it! You do not need to upgrade the lower-level clubs outside of the place where you found success with them. It’s a waste of your resources.

Golf Clash is a deep game that requires foresight before jumping and throwing chips to improve every club. Save and make an upgrade plan for yourself. Focus on the best clubs. Don’t forget to check the¬†golf clash hack page.

Nevertheless, good luck and have fun!